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The Internet’s a dangerous place for a message. Component failures, network connection issues, and other problems can prevent a message from being delivered. Fortunately, there’s WS-ReliableMessaging, which makes sure messages get through. This article explains how to use reliable messaging, why you should use it, and how to use it with WSO2’s Web Services Application Server (WSO2 WSAS) 2.1. What Is Reliable Messaging? Reliable messaging may seem like a dull thing. We’re used to being able to rely on the Internet, so why worry so much about increasing the reliability of something that’s already reliable. But is the Internet really that reliable? How many times have you clicked on a hyperlink that didn’t work at first and you had to click it again or hit the refresh button? It’s something that happens so often that we don’t think twice about it. It’s easy to ignore ... (more)

Modernizing Axis1 Services Painlessly

If you’ve been working with Web Services for a long time, chances are you’ve worked with Apache Axis and that you have an Axis Web Service somewhere in your code base. You probably also know about the many improvements in Axis2, especially around support for the more modern WS-* standards. So maybe you’ve been planning on migrating these old Axis services, but it can be hard to justify spending a lot of time on something that’s working just fine. However, there’s a great new migration path available to you: WSO2’s Web Services Application Serve... (more)

AJAX World 2008 West Round-Up: Both Comet and JavaScript Loomed Large

Michael Galpin's Blog AJAXWorld was this week, and it was interesting. I think the down economy is having an affect on everyone, but there were still a lot of interesting things to learn about. 1) Comet - There were a lot of talks about some form of data push from the server to the browser. 2) Don't make me learn JavaScript! There seemed to be a lot of folks advocating the "only know one language" approach to the web. In most cases that language was NOT JavaScript. AJAXWorld was this week, and it was interesting. I think the down economy is having an affect on everyone, but ther... (more)

Using Java's Exception System to Sing 99 Bottles of Beer

Mike Galpin's Blog First off, if you like programming, you should check out this hilarious site on the venerable song 99 Bottles of Beer. Ok, now I am assuming that you just spent the last hour or so at that website, but you are back. If you are into Java, one of the most interesting solutions is one that eschews typical control structures (for/while/do loops) and instead uses Java's exception system to sing the song. Actually the way that I came across the site was from an email sent by one of my colleagues. He was amused by the exception based solution. I was amused, too. Obviou... (more)